Artus Court

Artus Court (“Dwór Artusa” in polish) was the meeting place of merchants, center of Gdańsk’s social file, then stock exchange, now it is a museum. It’s located on Long Market (Długi Targ) in Gdańsk at 54°20’56″N 18°39’12″E.

Artus Court was also a meeting place to various brotherhoods, first only knights then also merchant brotherhoods. Sometimes also public court proceedings took place in Artus’ Court great hall.

Artus Court was damaged during second world war and today building and inside is partial reconstruction.

Entry ticket to the Artus Court is 10 zł.

The interior is one big gothic hall. As Gdańsk is a harbour city, ships are often a motive for artist works.

Part of Artus Court museum is Nowy Dom Ławy, a courthouse.

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