Cueva del Esplendor

Cueva del Esplendor (5°38’24″ N 75°48’35″W) is a cave with a small waterfall inside; it’s located a few kilometers from Jardín (5°35’56″ N 75°49’08″W). But perhaps even better than the cave itself are the views on trails towards the cave. There are two trails, part of one of them you can go on a mototaxi from the city.

More or less 5°37’18″ N 75°49’42″W, shortly after depart from mototaxi, on the western trail, you need to go by foot the rest of the trail.

Cueva del Esplendor is on private ground and you need to pay to enter. Payment is made at the house, where two trails meet (5°38’33″ N 75°48’29″W) and from there is a short walk towards the cave. I was there shortly after 8:00 and I was alone. Next person arrived shortly after 9:00.

The second (eastern) trail has poor markings, I got lost two times and many times I were wondering which way I should go.

Around 5°37’38″ N 75°48’15″W.

Around 5°37’08″ N 75°48’41″W.

View on Jardín from viewpoint at Cerro Cristo Rey (5°36’17″ N 75°49’05″W).

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