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Arecorder v 2.2


Arecorder is a device designed to record data during flight of rocket and trigger fuses in specified moments. Device is suited for medium and big model rockets, also two-stage and/or supersonic. Employed algorithms allow to detect abnormal situations (e.g. rocket flying at low inclination) and react to them properly reducing risk of rocket destruction.



  • pressure measuring in range 0 – 110 kPa (in range 50 – 110 kPa with 100 Pa
  • acceleration measurement – three axis +- 24 g, one axis (along rocket axis) +- 80 g,
  • temperature measurement inside rocket in range -50 to +130 °C (-58 to 266 °F),
  • data recording into microSD card,
  • frequency of data sampling 100 Sa/s,
  • Kalman filter implemented to reduce noise in pressure data,
  • detection and signalling of connected fuses,
  • firing up to three fuses – two parachutes and one for second stage engine ignition,
  • firing main parachute when altitude parachute failure is detected,
  • detecting and recording inclination of rocket at launchpad,
  • measuring of Arecorder’s power supply,
  • programmable delay between burnout of first stage engine and firing second stage engine,
  • selection of one of four sets of Arecorder configuration parameters,
  • Arecorder’s configuration parameters and owners first name, last name and phone number programming by software installed on a PC computer,
  • writing summary of several most important flight parameters into separate file.

Most recent manual:

Arecorder v 2.2, manual published at 2016.07.30


Previous versions of manual:

Arecorder v 2.2, manual published at 2016.06.05

Arecorder v 2.1, manual published at 2015.05.04

Arecorder v 2.1, manual published at 2015.05.03

Arecorder v 0.9, manual published at 2014.03.16

Arecorder v 0.9, manual published at 2013.12.27

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