Pico de la Concha

La Concha (36°33’07″ N 4°55’30″ W) is a summit in Spain close to Marbella with a height of 1215 m a.m.s.l. just 5 km from the Mediterranean sea. It’s not the highest summit in the area, but has a great view over the region.

The hike is best to start ar a parking (36°34’42″ N 4°53’03″ W) close to Refugio De Juanar hotel (36°34’48″ N 4°53’07″ W).

Mirador de Juanar (36°33’54″ N 4°53’27″ W)

On the way to Cruz de Juanar. The clear path under the Tajo Negro mountain in the middle of the picture is the Mirador de Juanar (the picture above is the view facing right here).

Cruz de Juanar (36°33’52″ N 4°53’52″ W)

View on La Concha from near El Lastonar.

A bit further from La Concha there is a bench (36°33’04″ N 4°55’33″ W) from which you can see this view – on the left you can see the sea and on the right side you can see Embalse de la Concepción (a reservoir).

Near starting point for the trekking there is also another viewpoint – Mirador del Corzo (36°34’27″ N 4°52’45″ W). The white spot in the center is the nearby town – Ojén (36°33’55″ N 4°51’18″ W).

You can see Ojén better from a viewpoint (36°33’51″ N 4°51’43″ W) near the city.

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