Alhambra (37°10’36″ N 3°35’22″ W) is a palace and fortress complex and is the biggest attraction in Granada (37°10’40″ N 3°35’41″ W).

Alhambra seen from Mirador de la Vereda de Enmedio (37°10’53″ N 3°35’10″ W).

Alhambra seen from Silla del Moro (37°10’41″ N 3°35’02″ W).

Alhambra seen from Abadía del Sacromonte (37°10’58″ N 3°34’41″ W).

Main Alhambra complex seen from Generalife gardens (37°10’41″ N 3°35’07″ W), which also belongs to the Alhambra itself.


Generalife seen from Alhambra.

San Francisco convent.

Nazaires palace.

Gardens del Partal inside Alhambra.

Palacio de Carlos V.

Alcazaba (castle part of Alhambra).

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